About Us

Amit Vekaria (M.Ost. Med. DO, ND) originally qualified with a Masters in Osteopathic Medicine and Diploma in Naturopathy from one of the leading institutes over 5 years ago, however felt this wasnt enough and wanted to explore and feed myself the knowledge from other therapists.
This led onto gaining advise and experience from many different therapists not just from the UK but also Asia too and working with them to learn more about the human body. Having worked with Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Yoga Therapists, Sports Therapists, Podiatrists, Massage Therapists & Reiki Therapists, I honoured their knowledge base about how to get a patient healthy and pain free and took on their treatment modalities. Over the past 5 years of experience with them and with my own patients, I have bought together the best treatment modalities found amongst the therapists and try to get any patient coming to our clinic the best treatment and fastest recovery possible.
Regulated by the General Osteopathic Council, Amit applies a range of treatment modalities with the overall aim to increase the patients health and wellbeing via a holistic approach. Spinal manipulation, fascial release, deep tissue massage, medical acupuncture, joint mobilisation and exercise rehabilitation including yoga postures and pilates based core stability techniques are amongst the few techniques used to get the patient into better health.
Currently working privately at the Body Clinic on Harley Street and affiliated with comedy agents in central London to provide treatments to themselves and comedians alike. Also emergency call out osteopath for the Elstree Film Studios.

What to Expect

Initial Consultation

A thorough case history will be taken about current complaints with relevant information about your past medical procedures, medications you may be taking, your lifestyle / well-being including your occupation and also taking a look at your general health & diet.

A full spinal / postural examination will be taken including a foot and ankle biomechanics assessment for a holistic view where orthotic prescription may be advised, and also may ask to make some simple movements and stretches to observe mobility. If necessary, neurological, orthopedic and other medical tests will be performed.

Health of the joints, tissues and muscles will be examined using a highly developed sense of touch called palpation. Using high-level medical and scientific training, an osteopath can diagnose the problem and treat accordingly to create the perfect conditions to facilitate the healing process.

The Osteopath will give you a clear explanation of what was found and diagnosed.

We will go through the recommended treatment programs specifically designed from your diagnosis and any advice we may be able to give you about your general wellbeing and health. 

Ongoing Treatment and Advice

Osteopathic treatment can use a wide variety of techniques, which may include working on muscles, ligaments and joints to help improve your function and decrease your pain.
You will receive treatment that is appropriate for you as an individual and will help you improve as quickly as possible.

We understand that some people may be nervous about treatment, and the osteopaths ensure a relaxed and supportive environment so that patients can voice any concerns they may have. When ready it may be appropriate to deal with the problem using exercises as part of or all of the treatment (similar to physiotherapy). These may take the form of stretches, body weight or weight lifting exercises with a strong emphasis on core strength, correct posture, flexibility and coordination strongly influenced by pilates based movements. These can be tailored to your requirements depending on your physical abilities and goals, and which you can perform at home or in the gym.

Exercise Prescription

We will equip you with the most fundamental stretches and strengthening work you need for maximum health and to maintain the work we have done! This includes:

DEEP STRETCHING -  for an array of symptoms your may suffer such as back or shoulder pain etc. We base our stretched on yoga style stretching.

CORE STRENGTHENING - increasing core stability with pilates based techniques, and a whole load more to make sure we push you to become absolutely fit!

REHABILITATION - making sure you get better as quick as possible from pain and to prevent it from coming back.

Chandvi Shah

Chandvi Shah is a certified Clinical Integrated Hypnotherapist from the EKAA Clinical Hypnotherapy Foundation, and a Transpersonal Regression Therapist from the TASSO Institute. Throughout the years I have further trained in various holistic therapies to help gain further knowledge allowing me to blend all modalities together providing an effective and comfortable healing experience.

The treatments offered help balance your health in a very gentle and natural way. My ultimate goal is to empower clients by bringing their awareness back thus allowing them to moving forward freely and easily.


Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy that can bring positive changes involving hypnosis. Hypnosis works by altering our state of consciousness in such a way that the analytical left side brain is turned off, while the non-analytical right side is made more alter. The conscious control of the mind is inhibited, and the subconscious mind is awoken. Since the subconscious mind is a deeper-seated, more instinctive force than the conscious mind, this is the part which has to change for the client’s behavior and physical state to alter.

Hypnotherapy is a safe, healing, and non-invasive practice which brings about positive changes in our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. The client is fully aware and conscious of their surroundings and situation hence are not left with a vulnerable feeling. It aims to reprogram and alter patterns that are hindering you, eliminate old belief systems and behaviours that do not serve their purpose. Ultimately it brings you more awareness and clarity in your life.


- Psychological, Emotional and Physical Disorders
- Addictions
- Fears and Phobias
- Stress Management
- Confidence Issues
- Sleep Problems, Insomnia
- Panic Attacks
- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
- Pain Management
- Habit and Weight Management
- Sexual Dysfunction
- Eating Disorders
- Allergy Management
And many more….


Regression means ‘returning to an earlier stage’. Regression therapy assumes that every problem has a cause, a source or origin. Regression is finding, exploring, reliving and clarifying past experiences by returning to the origin. For example, you have had experiences in your childhood that have knocked your self worth and it seems to affect you in the present. Or you are suffering from something that you cannot comprehend. The questions you may have are; why is this happening? Why am I feeling this way? What is it? And these can be answered and understood using various techniques

There are various types of regression; Inner Child Therapy, Age Regression Therapy and Past Life Therapy. Reliving, personification and energy work are the key components to all these therapies.

- Reliving and understanding the past experiences by going back to the origin of the problem or decision.
- Personification is identifying the causes and solutions of the problems as people that are known or unknown.
- Energy Work is visualizing or feeling the problem in or around your body.

Regression therapy is not only healing and effective but extremely transforming and empowering because the clients are doing their own healing whilst the therapist facilitates.


- Anxiety
- Relationship Problems and Problems of connecting with others
- Depression; Loneliness, Abandonment, Grief or Despair
- Psychosomatic complaints not responding to medical care
- Being stuck or blocked. Seeing no way out, feeling imprisoned
- Loss of direction, where to go? What to do? Finding your life plan?
- Exploration: discovering and freeing hidden talents, personal development, increasing mental health
- Accidents and Surgeries
- Prenatal Experiences
- Inner Child Work; part of ourselves are stuck in a situation, not able to continue
- Trauma; abuse, ancestral or intergenerational
- Attached energies of others of loved ones
- Soul Retrieval


- One feels more aligned in body, mind and spirit
- Calming of mind chatter
- Improves sleep
- Clears tension, anxiety and stress
- Insightful and greater life perspective
- Heightened awareness and understanding of ones life
- Mental Clarity
- Liberation from limiting beliefs, emotions and behaviors
- Inner peace
- Feel more empowered and self-confident
- Bringing back love, laughter, good health and happiness once more in your life


At the initial consultation we have an intake of what you would like to work on. There is a possibility to ask questions. Which will then lead us to continue with the question or problem you came with. Further questions will be asked on what you would like to accomplish which leads us to start the session. During the session we explore further what it is that you wanted to work on.

Once the session is over we have a debrief on what happened and we will give you a clear explanation of what was found. Any questions you may have may be brought in this time.

We will go through the therapy plan specifically designed for you. We will further teach you self-hypnosis and provide you with a set of affirmations suited for the ongoing healing. Our goal is to help you improve and heal in all areas of your life.