Liver Detox


Why a Liver Detox?


Did you know that you could possibly have up to 200-300 liver stones?

Liver stones develop in the body from a build up of excess cholesterol. This cholesterol causes bile to harden into crystalline stones that create blockages within the liver and the gall bladder. These stones will inhibit the liver’s ability to detoxify the body. Liver stones also impair the liver’s ability to deliver nutrients back to the body, and they have been found to cause an imbalance in the body’s retention of salt and water. When you cleanse your liver, 100-300 of these stones can be purged from your system.


Did you know that a liver cleanse will help detoxify your body?
Are you suffering from Acid Reflux, too much Gas in the body?

It makes perfect sense to detoxify an organ that is responsible for removing toxins from the body. The liver changes toxic agents into harmless agents and waste products in a two-phase detoxification process. It is therefore normal for some toxins to be present in the liver because this is where the body sends them for processing. A problem develops, however, when a build up of inorganic and organic toxins begins to inhibit Phase I and Phase II detoxification. Removing these foreign substances from the body will help the liver get back to operating at optimal levels.


Did you know that a liver cleanse can help you lose weight?

Many people are unaware that the liver is highly instrumental in the breakdown of fat. In every respect, the liver is just as essential to weight loss as are the intestines and the stomach. The liver produces bile, which is used by the digestive system in the breakdown of fat. When you cleanse your liver, you help it promote the production of bile, which will in turn assist your body in metabolizing fats. If you are serious about losing weight, then a liver cleanse should definitely be placed at the top of your priority list.


Did you know you can increase your energy with a liver cleanse?

The liver is an organ of transmutation. By this, we mean that it changes one substance into another. Some toxins that enter the liver are broken down and passed out of the body as waste. Others are actually changed into substances that the body can use. However, when the liver’s normal function becomes impeded by a build up of foreign substances, these nutrients are not released back into the bloodstream in the necessary amounts. Liver cleansing will maintain this proper supply of nutrients to the body and noticeably increase your energy for exercise and daily activities.


Did you know that a healthy liver can help you look and feel up to five years younger?

By restoring your liver’s optimal health and functionality, you reduce the toxic build up in the cells of your body. Your skin looks healthier and brighter, and the renewed breakdown of fat makes it easier for you to tone up, feel great, and look healthier than you have in the past five years.

The Procedure

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Day 1 – 5

During entire week, avoid chilled or cold foods and beverages. They chill the liver, reducing the effectiveness of the cleanse. All foods should be at least room temp. Avoid foods from animal source, dairy products, fried foods, and refined sugars.

Add 3g of Malic Acid Powder to a bottle of water (alternatively 1 ltr of fresh apple juice), and eat one apple every day for 5 days. (The malic acid also found in apples soften the gallstones and makes their passage through the bile ducts easy.) Some sensitive people may experience bloating and, occasionally, diarrhoea during the first few days. Drink the water slowly throughout the day, between meals (avoiding drinking during, just before and two hours after meals, and in the evenings).

Day 6

The main and final part is best done over a weekend, when you are not under any pressure and have time to rest. If you take any medication: Avoid any medication, vitamins or supplements that are not absolutely necessary. A colon cleanse maybe advisable before and after you do a liver cleanse.

If you’re hungry, eat a light breakfast; oatmeal is most ideal. Avoid sugar, or other sweeteners, spices, milk, butter, oils, yoghurt, cheese, ham, eggs, nuts, pastries, cold cereals; etc. Fruit or fruit juices are fine. For lunch eat plain cooked or streamed veggies with brown/white rice and flavour with a little unrefined sea or rock salt. Do not eat any protein foods, butter or oil, or you might feel ill during the actual cleanse. Do not eat or drink anything (except water) after 2 PM, otherwise you may not flush out any stones. Follow the exact timing given below to receive the maximum benefit from the liver flush.

6:00 PM: Add 60g (approx 4 tablespoons) of Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) to three 8oz. cups of filtered water in a jar. This makes four servings, 3/4 cup each. Drink your first portion now. You can add a little lemon juice to improve taste.

8:00 PM: Drink your second serving of 3/4 cup of Epsom salts and water.

9:45 PM: Wash pink grapefruit (or lemons and oranges). Squeeze them, removing pulp. You will need 3/4 cup of juice. Pour the juice and 1/2 glass of warm olive oil into a pint jar. Close the jar tightly and shake hard, about 20 times.

10:00PM: Stand next to your bed (do not sit down) and drink the concoction straight. LIE DOWN STRAIGHT AWAY! This is essential for helping to release the gallstones. Turn off the lights and lie flat on your back with 1-2 pillows propping you up. Your head should be higher than your abdomen. If this is uncomfortable lie on your right side with your knees pulled towards your head. Lie perfectly still for at least 20 minutes and do not speak! Put your attention on your liver. You may feel the stones travelling along the bile ducts. Go to sleep if you can. If you feel the urge to have a bowel movement, do so. Check for small gallstones (pea green or tan coloured ones) floating the toilet. You may feel nauseous during the night and/or early morning hours. This is mostly due to a strong, sudden outpouring of gallstones and toxins from the liver and gallbladder, pushing the oil mixture back into the stomach. The nausea will pass as the morning progresses

Day 7

6:00-6:30AM: Drink your third 3/4 cup of Epsom salts. (If you’re thirsty, drink a glass of warm water before taking the salts) Rest, read or meditate, or even some light Yoga. If you are very sleepy, go back to bed, although it is best if the body stays in the upright position.

8:00-8:30AM: Drink fourth and last 3/4 cup of Epsom salts

10:00-10:30AM: You may drink freshly pressed fruit juice at this time. One half-hour later you may have one or two pieces of fresh fruit. One hour later you may eat regular (but light) food. By the evening or next morning you should be back to normal, and feel the first signs of improvement. Continue to eat light meals during the next few days. Remember, your liver and gallbladder underwent major surgery, albeit without harmful side effects.