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I had developed extreme pain in my leg and was unable to bend it at all. Had various massages, tests, diagnosis, treatments and was eventually referred to a physiotherapist.All the physio did was give me a sheet of paper with 3 exercises to follow and sent me away….. no change, the problem was too deep. I was fortunate to have been recommended Amit by a few people who said to try him out. Initially I was not sure if he could help with him being an Osteopath but that is best thing I have done. In relatively a few treatments, the pain is almost gone and I can not only bend my leg but also sit cross-legged in yoga positions for a small period of time. I recommend anyone suffering to just go and check yourselves out, you may be surprised at the results!! Thank you Amit
Manj Patel

I have been suffering from really bad tense shoulders, neck and back for about 5 years. I have visited my GP and local Chinese centres to try and resolve this issue. No creams, acupuncture or regular massages helped. I was recommended to Amit from a family member. I have to say, he is a star! From the first session, I felt 50% improvement. By the 3rdtreatment, I was 95% healed. It took him 7 weeks to get my shoulders, neck and back in line. The local GP (NHS) have taken 5 years with no result! Thank you Amit!
Jyoti Kara
I have been practicing Yoga for 13 years and teaching for last three years. I first met Amit about a year ago when  I was teaching locally at a temple. He took one look at me and said you need to improve your posture.
Amit is a very gifted body alignment specialist. Amit just needed three sessions to review all aspects of my posture, pin point problem areas and address them. Amit is someone who wants to help address issues so you don’t get tied into months and months of appointments, normally a very small number of sessions would address the problem areas. I now go to Amit on a regular basis for an overall MOT.  Amit is currently working on opening up my hip muscles and addressing tightness in knees and shoulders. I noticed a difference after just one session.
I had two major car accidents in the last 15 years (hit from behind) and I have seen various specialist over the years. Amit really stands out as a gifted body alignment specialist. I have no hesitation in recommending him.
Shailesh Malde - Yoga Instructor
I am 81 yrs old and fell down a few months ago. Since my fall I was in continuous pain, several hospital visits, X-Rays and MRIs proved to be unsuccessful. One visit with Amit did the trick. Within 3 mins he diagnosed that my hip was mis-aligned and addressed the issue in 20 mins. I felt so much better and the colour on my face changed. I still feel good, 4 weeks later. I now plan to see Amit every 3 months despite the 3 hour round trip for a general check-up. In my view Amit is a gift to us from god, anyone with any sort of body pains (joints of muscles) should not hesitate and go see him. I promise you he will help you.
Shanta Shah

I've been to many osteopaths over the years but Amit really is an another level. His intuition and precise skills always hit the exact spot that many others have failed to reach. I have a sensitive back condition including 2 prolapsed discs so 100% trust is essential. A session with him is quite an extraordinary experience, you leave with that rare feeling that a true master has been at work and the comfort of knowing that you are literally in the right hands!
Morgana Robinson - Comedian Actress

I visited Amit after suffering from continuous back pain, specifically my upper back which was causing me severe headaches for many years.  I had previously visited other osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists which provided short term relief but could not determine the root cause of the pain.  So far, after a couple of sessions I am already feeling the benefit of the treatment that I have received and am confident that this is a long term solution to a long term problem.
Nikita Hirani

For several years my head would automatically tense up whenever I felt stressed - it felt like very hard pressure and was very uncomfortable. After a few sessions with Amit I noticed the reaction stopped, my head didn't get tensed even when I felt stressed. Thank you Amit.
Sukhjit Bhogal

I initially visited Amit Vekaria for lower back pain which had been ongoing for years and thought it was something that I would just have to live with. I have had a number of other minor injuries and complaints which I have sought his advice for and can honestly say that they have worked every time.
Amit is very professional but at the same time has an extremely pleasant and friendly manner which therefore makes you feel relaxed and confident throughout.
I thoroughly recommend Amit and have done so already to a number of colleagues and friends due to his unique way of understanding and treating the body.
Jackie Alexander

I have spent 5 months with doctors and GP's and could hardly walk up the stairs, then 2 months with Amit and was back running and playing rugby. It is painful at times and may bring a tear but the results are outstanding!
Jamie Connolly